Competence, experience and flexibility is the main value, our company offers, creating and executing the supply and refurbishment of hospitality orientated projects all over the Europe. During some years, we have expanded and nowadays offering our customers the complete solutions of interior design concept planning, products supply, execution and full control of the refurbishment projects.

Many times we have been involved into the projects running in the worldwide famous hotel chains, like Hiltons, Marriotts, Radissons, Leonardo, Holiday Inn and much more others. The completed projects are situated at least in ten different EU Countries.

Supported by our international partners and suppliers we adjust our experience in Baltijos States. We have what to offer to very type or quality hotels.

We specialiste into creation of various interior design and technical projects for the different sizes and values hotels. Our company works with a wide range of the interior designers and architekts, who are able and do have enough competence to offer the solutions for the every type of the hotel interior project...

We provide the solutions and guarantee the the optimal decision according the design, functionality and investors feedback.

Do not hesitate to ask us an advise, this costs nothing. Our 10 year experience can help You to avoid loosing time and save Your money.


Visualisation projects of the hotel rooms, bathrooms and corridors, for planning soft refurbishment or comletely new areas. Professional advices according functionality and financial gain.

Technical projects with the all material specifications for the ceilings, walls, flooring. Furniture design and development. All posible hotel rooms and bathooms accesories specifications and more other very useful things for your hotel project.

Evalution of the refurbishment costs, project control, managing and installation.


According the technical interior project we organize the supply and production of all specified products needed for Your hotel refurbishment.

If your hotel has wishes to renew some interior details or upgrade the old furniture, floor we also here to help your.

Not only just supplying the products, we are always happy to recommend you the best choice for your business.


During ten years, we have, completely or in a part, renovated more than hundred different type hotels, in more than 10 different EU Countries.

We organize, control apply all types of interior installation jobs.

Our employees perfectly know the specific of working in opened hotels and understand the level of the responsibility.

Check some of our references and you can evaluete our company. All our installations are insured in all EU and we supply the guarantee of years for all completed projects.


According our or other's technical project and visualisation, before starting the massive refurbishment, we always advice to install a sample room or part of the corridor.

The client can be sure how does everything looks in reality, colours in the lightning, furniture constructions and stability, materials matching, light solutions and more other.

Experience says, there's always follow changes after the mock up room, as there is not posible to create such a visualisation which matches the real area 100%.

Our company also has a valuable experience before starting the refurbishment, as during the sample room refurbishment we do uncover all the hidden areas and we can plan better the quanity of people and materials for the massive refurbishment.