DecoFlux is an international luxury lifestyle brand that established in 2007. At that time, there was a distinct lack of beautiful, carefully crafted, high quality products made in Lithuania. This inspired us to create our own brand. Today, we are present in more than 100 stores in more than 40 countries around the world.

Our core business philosophy is based on creating products with an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and aesthetics above all else.

In our studio, all products see the light with endless attention to design, colour combination, fabrics, every detail, every stitch…
Being able to do that is a magnificent outcome of having all of our production processes in-house.

Established in 2005, we already count years of irreplaceable experience in our field. Through these years we changed, adapted to altering society, culture and their needs, but we have always stayed true to ourselves...

Whether it is bed sheets, bedspread, decorative pillow, bathrobe, towel, tablecloth or any other of our products… Our products, designed for We are Baltic project, reflects #Baltic lifestyle in the best possible manner. Natural, quality materials, sustainable, local production processes, hand work, unique and nature inspired designs – everything #WeareBaltic stands for.

For #WAB customers we will offer:

- 'Wave' collection 100% linen decorative pillows and towels;
- Orion collection 100% linen bathrobes and towels;
- 'Solid' and 'Dream touch' collection bed sheets;
- 'Heritage' collection tapestry pillows.

Meet Decoflux founder – Ilona Aladaitytė

Years after company establishment, Ilona is still the main person behind Decoflux brand. Every day you would find her in a cozy studio, working on many creative ideas to become reality and be presented to brand customers…

Ilona’s motto: luxury is in details… Thus, while creating and producing Decoflux home textile pieces, every detail, every stitch is important and it can be immediately felt by taking these pieces into hands...

Our commitment to quality is what has kept Decoflux products on the top of their game. With more than 15 years in the industry, we know what we are talking about, we have learned our lessons and we continue creating. One of the most important lessons we have learned is that luxury is not only about high price, but it is about all those small things that we love to feel, to touch, to have...


It is our bathroom collection, consisting of 100% cotton bathrobes and towels.🛀

This collection is inspired by minimalism, gentle and delicate touch… It can be immediately felt from the first touch.

Light, soft, cozy, minimal and with original texture – Orion collection features that are already admired by our customers.

Both bathrobes and towels come in ALU (light blue), light moss, anthracite, slate and grey cliff colours.

This wide assortment of earthy, Baltic nature inspired colours, will blend in with every bathroom and bring the small piece of nature and tranquility with itself…



This is our premium 100% cotton sateen bed sheets collection, #madeinBaltic, in our cozy studio in the heart of Vilnius.

Collection features, which make it special:

- Made from long-fiber combed cotton, making the fabric softer, stronger and shinier;

- Easy-care standard applied in the fabric production process, due to which bedsheets are wrinkle resistant and easy to iron;

- Certified by OEKO-TEX 100 ecological standard;

- Stone washed technology applied, due to which bed sheets become even softer with every wash.

As the name of the collection suggests, the fabric is dreamily pleasant to touch and wrap up after the long day…
The only question is which colour to choose?
Silver blue, grey or both together, since these two colours perfectly complement each other…