Producer of high quality fabrics for upholstered furniture and home textiles, already counting more than 75 years of successful operation. Teamwork, honesty, trust, responsibility and proficiency are our values, which helped and continuously help us to be able to successfully operate for so many years and become the most modern fabrics producer for upholstery and home textiles in North Europe.

 In 1946, in a cosy part of Vilnius old town, Audejas, which in Lithuanian means weaver, made its' first steps. Small quantities, basic production processes gradually evolved year by year as company gained priceless experience and knowledge in their field, witnessed reconstruction and modernization stages.

Now, Audejas weaves and finishes more than one million meters of the highest quality fabrics per year.

However, the quality has always been over quantity for us. For more than 75 years we have been growing gradually and organically, making sure we focus on offering exceptional quality in every detail, in every single production stage - from the selection of yarns to finishing of fabrics. These highest standards of our company activities assure products quality, social responsibility and innovative production processes.

We consistently invest in innovative new production methods and machinery, visit international furniture, textile, fashion exhibitions in order to stay on top, never end improving and, in this way - offer the best possible service to our clients.

Being a European producer with strong production traditions as well as advanced abilities to master the latest market innovations, makes us exclusive and reliable partners.

We value every single customer of ours, therefore we offer the most flexible solutions for small to volume orders, regardless of their complexity. We are Baltic project is another opportunity to reach our customer directly and add coziness to their home with the help of our fabrics.

For WAB customers we suggest our distinctive symbol – heritage design tapestry. Also, the best quality, award winning fabrics, made from recycled materials: Coral and Hemp. These fabric collections come in colours, inspired by Baltic nature and are made in the most social responsible way.

We believe, it will inspire WAB customers, encourage them to invoke creativity and fulfill their desired home vision with our fabric.

This fabric collection is created from 100% recycled polyester yarn. Produced using 70% less of energy, 65,5% less of CO2 and 10 times less of water.

This Coral collection meets public furniture sector requirements, which suggests exceptional fabric durability and longevity. But it is still flexible, the natural fall of the fabric is saved, so it can be perfectly used for curtains.

Destined for the contemporary customer, valuing sustainable products and circular economy.

Comes in light cream, light pink and dark green colours, symbolizing the blooming Baltic summer….



This fabric collection is created from natural and sustainable materials - 30% hemp, grown and spun in Lithuania; 70% cotton.

Extremely light, breathable, mold-resistant and exceptionally durable fabric.

Destined for customer, appreciating nature and striving for its’ inspired balance in their home.

Comes in an earthy colour, reflecting Baltic sea sand and bents freely swinging in the coastal wind…


We put a strong emphasis on ecology, environment and strive for the highest sustainability and circular economy goals by:

- Using the biggest part of electricity from a solar cell park, which covers an entire roof of Audejas fabric;

- Reducing wastage by implementing the most innovative manufacturing processes and equipment, e.g. our yarn dyeing equipment, which uses three time less water than the standard;

- Using only safe for our employees and environment raw materials (dyestuff, chemicals and yarn), which are certified and REACH compliant;

- Aiming to avoid overstock and over-consumption in general;

- Packing our fabric rolls into recycled plastic bags;