A cluster of home and lifestyle brands, gathered together to bring tranquility and cleanliness to a home, situated in this fast changing and a little bit chaotic modern world.

Al our thoroughly selected interior and lifestyle pieces are designed and made in Baltic. No mass production is involved, every product sees the light in small local factories, workshops and studios, runned by inspiring personalities, having years of experience in their fields.

We feel grateful for being able to confidently state -  We are Baltic. We represent Baltic and Baltic represents us. It is the mutual gratitude that can be felt in every product made by us

Producer of high quality fabrics for upholstered furniture and home textiles, already counting more than 75 years of successful operation. Teamwork, honesty, trust, responsibility and proficiency are our values, which helped and continuously help us to be able to successfully operate for so many years and become the most modern fabrics producer for upholstery and home textiles in North Europe.

 In 1946, in a cosy part of Vilnius old town, Audejas, which in Lithuanian means weaver, made its' first steps. Small quantities, basic production processes gradually evolved year by year as company gained priceless experience and knowledge in their field, witnessed reconstruction and modernization stages.

Now, Audejas weaves and finishes more than one million meters of the highest quality fabrics per year.

DecoFlux is an international luxury lifestyle brand that established in 2007. At that time, there was a distinct lack of beautiful, carefully crafted, high quality products made in Lithuania. This inspired us to create our own brand. Today, we are present in more than 100 stores in more than 40 countries around the world.

Our core business philosophy is based on creating products with an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and aesthetics above all else.

The main activity of Kvarkas is the production of home textiles. About 85% of production is exported. The main export markets are South Korea, the United States, European countries, exports to China have also been developing. The main source of potential customers are international exhibitions - Heimtextil (Germany, Frankfurt), Maison and Objet (France, Paris), China Import Expo (China, Shanghai) and others. Work at exhibitions and investments in brand awareness promises potential company growth tendencies in upcoming years.

Miranda is a promotional marketing company that services brands, organisations, and agencies.

For over 20 years, the company has been designing and manufacturing exquisite promotional products for their customers. Miranda is especially proud for their packaging designs and wallpaper prints.

Mes Baltai is a company ready to deliver peace and cleanliness to a home in this rapidly evolving and unpredictable modern world. All of our carefully chosen home and leisure items are created and crafted in the Baltics." Every product is handcrafted locally and the manufacturing is led by passionate individuals with years of experience in their industries. There is no mass production involved. Mes Baltai is a representation of both ourselves and the Baltic, so every piece we produce reflects our shared appreciation.

Started as a passion and hobby, Nytys saw the light as a brand in 2006. It was established only after years of studying weaving techniques, Lithuanian textiles and collecting historical information.

Over all these years, we gathered around many professionals and woven design enthusiasts, who come to study weaving handicraft in our studio and then stay to work with us. These highly skilled artisans were, are and surely will be the foundation of our brand.

They are our strength and the great treasure, since our garments are purely handmade. Natural materials and authentic weaving techniques are foundations of Nytys. We use only natural threads - mainly linen and wool, which are woven with 100 years old original looms. After all, harmony in all aspects of life is what is so important to achieve for many of us. We believe that our hand made linen scarves, tops and tunics will help to go one step further towards it...

Competence, experience and flexibility is the main value, our company offers, creating and executing the supply and refurbishment of hospitality orientated projects all over the Europe. During some years, we have expanded and nowadays offering our customers the complete solutions of interior design concept planning, products supply, execution and full control of the refurbishment projects.

Many times we have been involved into the projects running in the worldwide famous hotel chains, like Hiltons, Marriotts, Radissons, Leonardo, Holiday Inn and much more others. The completed projects are situated at least in ten different EU Countries.

Supported by our international partners and suppliers we adjust our experience in Baltijos States. We have what to offer to very type or quality hotels.

We develop safe and biologically active cosmetics based on natural and ecological materials. For seven years we experimented, developed and consulted with laboratory specialists in France, Italy and Switzerland. These days we can offer over 100 different face, body, hair and home line compositions. Knowing the similar and at the same time different needs of consumers, we have developed safe, biologically active products based on natural and ecological materials.

We use natural, ecological and healthy ingredients. No parabens, silicones and other chemical compounds that are harmful to health. We are constantly researching and improving the formulas of our products, as well as developing new products. We currently have 9 VIVI stores in Lithuania. VIVI reaches clients' homes in Lithuania and around the world!





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